Christopher Hardie

Senior Associate, Brand Activation Lead / Brisbane

Prior to joining Populous in 2008, Chris worked on a wide range of graphic design, advertising and brand development projects for local and national organisations across a diverse range of industry sectors including education, commercial and retail.

With over 16 years experience in the development and application of brand strategies, Chris has an extensive insight into the importance of clear, concise and effective communication.

In addition to external projects, Chris is involved in the global on-going development of the Populous identity as well as the design of numerous marketing publications and architectural submissions.

Chris is currently working on the wayfinding program and brand integration on the new Gold Coast Stadium. This is a challenging project that combines the development of strategies necessary for efficient wayfinding balanced with the marketing and branding needs of the new Gold Coast AFL team. He is also overseeing the final stages of the implementation of the wayfinding program on the Eden Park redevelopment for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.