Dalton Crosthwait

Senior Associate, Marketing Operations Manager / Kansas City

Dalton Crosthwait is a team player at his core, always ready to support and celebrate his colleagues. Dalton’s collaborative drive underscores his dedication to implementing processes and operations that support workflow, ease bottlenecks and increase productivity. As a meticulously organized person who is able to digest big-picture initiatives, he is highly effective at setting clear goals and adapting to unprecedented challenges.

Dalton’s persistent curiosity and thoughtful listening skills allow him to gather the context and data needed to fully understand the scope of a project. Once he’s collected this information, he carefully analyzes his findings and synthesizes the highlights to share with key project stakeholders and thought partners.

Nurturing relationships is a top priority for Dalton, who is a “people person” through and through. He is passionate about establishing safe, trusting and honest spaces in which colleagues can share constructive criticism and feedback, ultimately boosting team communication and productivity.