Dennis Rehill

Associate Principal, Senior Project Designer / Kansas City

Dennis Rehill is a seasoned design leader with an extensive background in sustainable and mixed-use projects that span the globe. His portfolio includes projects with a vast range of scales and typology, including commercial, residential, hospitality and master planning.

In the belief that design should be strongly rooted to place, Dennis begins each project by researching the history, culture, context and needs of each site and client. Dennis is an advocate for sustainable design and has been certified by LEED, UK BREEAM, and German Passivhaus. His holistic approach to sustainability recognizes it as a multilayered concept that promotes social wellbeing, environmental conservation, and economic prosperity.

As a project lead, Dennis utilizes mentorship, communication and adaptability to streamline progress both inside and outside the office. Creating strong teams that operate on a basis of empathy, integrity and trust is paramount to Dennis, defining his leadership capabilities and underscoring his commitment to client relationships.