Greg Sherlock

Principal, Senior Architect / Kansas City

Gregory Sherlock holds over 25 years of architecture and design experience in the sports and entertainment industries. His design oversight has been instrumental in developing iconic Major League Baseball venues in the U.S., including Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark, the Kansas City Royals Ballpark and the Miami Marlins Ballpark. He is currently involved in design concepts for numerous MLB franchises in the U.S. and Canada.

Greg believes all buildings should be integral to their communities while also providing a sustainable legacy for future generations. For Greg, the most sustainable design work creates built environments that are transformative, ubiquitous and adaptive in response to social, cultural, economic and market driven needs. His definition of innovation is a concept inextricably connected to human behavior and a sense of wellbeing. He ensures that he has full buy-in from project stakeholders by carefully researching the legacy of a team, site and surrounding community before the start of a project.

Throughout his decades of experience in the sports architecture industry, Greg has had a front row seat to observe the evolution of venues around the world as trends come and go, needs shift and new expectations arise. He aspires to create environments that combine multiple uses into integrated, high-performing experiences by regularly collaborating with talent from varied disciplines and fields.