Isabelle Ivanov-Rijnties

Principal, Interior Design Director – New York / New York

Isabelle Ivanov-Rijnties utilizes her refined design sensibility and strong attention to detail to deliver high-quality interiors. Based in New York, Isabelle has a variety of experience working in the interior design industry, specifically in hospitality, corporate design, high-end retail and residential. She excels at drawing and 3D rendering and is experienced in BIM and parametric design. She is highly adept at managing projects and constructing effective budgets.

Isabelle led and played a critical role in the conceptual design strategy and design development of TQL Stadium and the renovations of Target Field. She is actively involved in designing a performance venue in Toronto with OverActive Media. She has a deep understanding of the bigger picture of a project as it relates to management of internal and external teams, making her a vital addition to any project team. Isabelle is also multilingual, speaking Dutch, French, German and English.