James Milligan

Associate Principal, Senior Architect / Kansas City

James Milligan holds almost two decades of design experience in typologies spanning collegiate projects, major league venues and equestrian facilities. He has a passion for collegiate sports projects and excels at forming thoughtful patron experiences that coexist with athlete-centered spaces. His flexibility, problem solving skills and constant pursuit of knowledge make him a valuable addition to any project.

Seeing a project from early design all the way through to completion is a crucial part of James’ work process. He is energized by solving the complex challenges and puzzles that arise during projects and believes that design quality is informed by a consistent level of devotion towards big ideas and minute details alike.

James’ calm demeanor, reliability and hard work ethic contribute to seamless project deliveries. He excels at communicating clearly and efficiently with his colleagues while maintaining a laser focus on client needs. James’ eagerness to hear different perspectives underscores a solid collaborative streak he upholds with colleague and client relationships.