Japfiio Kayina

Associate, Architect / New Delhi

Japfiio (Jeff) completed a Bachelor of Architecture and Masters of Science: Architectural Engineering, with a major in Environmental Design. He has over a decade’s experience in the industry and has worked on a diverse portfolio of large-scale residential, commercial and mixed-use developments.

His experience includes assuming multiple roles, leading teams across different project stages to deliver high-quality documentation, BIM modelling, design visualization and graphics. Jeff is a master of Revit, providing high-quality, exceptional models ensuring all project deliverables are exemplary.

Japfiio has been part of multiple pro-bono projects, including providing planning assistance for urban development models in his hometown in Manipur, India. He also assisted in the planning and design of a community church nearby. In his spare time, Jeff plays guitar as part of multiple bands, performing in the local music scene and showcasing his passion for music.