Jeff Keas

Senior Event Architect, Senior Principal / Denver

Jeff has spent his career focused on designing stadia and major events that take place within them. Jeff has worked on several major events including seven Olympic and Paralympic Games and two FIFA World Cups. Additionally Jeff is a sport architect having lead and assisted on the design of several professional and university facilities in the USA and internationally.

Since 2007 Jeff has served as the project design lead for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London. The strategy behind the 2012 Games was to create a strong legacy for London, which meant designing more temporary venues than ever before. Jeff has overseen a team of architects working on the overlay design for 35 competition venues and over 100 non-competition venues. Working with London 2012, Jeff helped craft a design ethos by developing core design principles that ensure each of the temporary venues has been carefully designed to take advantage of iconic London landmarks, creating an authentic and memorable experience for fans around the world. Jeff believes London’s legacy will be a game changer because of the focus on creating highly functional and beautiful temporary space that celebrates London while providing the necessary revenue generation.