Kyle Morphy

Associate Principal, Senior Architect

Kyle Morphy is driven by the impact that urban design, downtown redevelopment and venue design can have on communities. His passion for sport, entertainment, recreation and design coupled with his international portfolio — which includes work in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Korea, Singapore, China and the United States — has led Kyle to engage in international competition design, landscape design, building conceptualization and visioning, master planning and brand activation. Kyle’s most recent experience has focused on community-based recreation architecture in both urban and rural Canadian centers.

With an appreciation of the intersection of design and city building, Kyle has delivered presentations at major events on the impact of venue design and downtown entertainment district planning, including the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) Venue Connect and as a guest panelist for the Mayor’s Downtown Safety Summit in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Kyle currently sits on the Placemaking Committee for the Downtown Biz, the design, event, promotion and development arm of the City of Winnipeg.