Matthew Breest

Associate Principal, Architecture - Designer III / Denver

Matthew Breest has worked on many prominent projects and competitions including National Museum of Intelligence and Special Operations, Sea Tac Masterplanning and Expansion, San Diego Convention Center and Yichang Mountain Park. He has the ability to fully execute a design from sketch to render to a fully realized program for multidimensional and highly complex building types including airports, cultural centers, convention centers, museums and more. He believes in organizations that enable their studio to develop, discuss, exchange and materialize ideas into dedicated solutions that address the changing needs of the modern world.

With a background in philosophy, Matthew is a passionate communicator, creating strong narratives for each of his designs that are as grounded as they are bold. With the belief that the storytelling potential of each building allows those who interact with the built environment to share meaningful experiences. Matthew’s overarching goal, through his commitment to the architectural profession, is to benefit culture by pioneering new design approaches that take on the challenges posed by contemporary society.