Matthew Breest

Principal, Architecture - Designer III / Denver

Matthew Breest conceptualizes and delivers complex projects in an efficient and streamlined manner. His first step in every project is to build a sturdy consensus between stakeholders. He champions organizations and teams to develop, discuss and exchange ideas so that every design solution addresses the specific needs of its community. Through the demands and complexities of every design process, Matthew guides his colleagues and clients with calm precision, ensuring that inspired developments are met with confidence.

Matthew has refined his work process for decades to be proficient across a variety of domestic and global typologies, including convention centers, exposition centers, museums, arenas, commercial office towers and airports. His background in philosophy translates into a passion for thoughtful communication and ambitious design.

By proposing strong project narratives that are as grounded as they are bold, Matthew’s completed designs organically foster meaningful shared experiences for their audiences. Matthew believes that exceptional architecture is the built expression of a thoughtfully curated design process. His overarching goal is to pioneer new design approaches that take on the challenges posed by contemporary society, to the benefit of current and future cultures.