Sabrina Galante

Associate Principal, Business Development Specialist - Interior Design / Kansas City

Sabrina Galante is a highly motivated and proactive team player, always striving to achieve project objectives with enthusiasm, energy and efficiency. Her strategic and results-driven work approach helps her identify opportunities for growth in both existing and emerging markets. Sabrina regularly demonstrates an ability to establish valuable, long-lasting connections across project sectors.

As a seasoned global design and marketing professional, Sabrina’s career has spanned a variety of roles, including experience as director of marketing, global account director and business development leader. Across industries, Sabrina has consistently achieved exceptional brand visibility and market penetration. She uses a hands-on approach to understand the requirements of each opportunity, tailoring a strategy according to the client’s vision and needs.

Sabrina is an enthusiastic collaborator, able to strategically identify her colleagues’ strengths and incorporate their different perspectives and areas of expertise. She regularly takes the initiative to assemble the right talent for a project, forming cohesive and communicative teams that can adapt to dynamic project needs. Sabrina has lived and worked in Buenos Aires, Miami, New York, London, Madrid and Kansas City, allowing her to cultivate relationships with global clients and bring a well-rounded perspective to any project.