Sanjiv Bajaj

Associate Principal, Architectural Designer III / Los Angeles

For over three decades, Sanjiv Bajaj’s architecture expertise has poised him as a thoughtful, detail-oriented and analytical leader. From listening and collaborating with clients to actualizing the final project design and execution, Sanjiv’s multifaceted skill set spans every stage of the work process. His collaborative and empathetic nature contributes to his success in mentoring junior architects and leading cohesive project teams.

Sanjiv’s strengths lie in innovative thinking, analytical insight, results-oriented management and deep industry knowledge in mixed-use, retail and stadia spaces. He approaches projects with the goal of designing sustainable and equitable spaces that improve the quality of people’s lives.

For Sanjiv, an open and honest dialogue underscores his relationships and helps him use the power of storytelling to expand the boundaries of a project. Whether he’s writing contracts, conceptualizing projects, or meticulously detailing buildings, Sanjiv emphasizes asking the right questions to help make informed decisions. He actively practices the concept of ‘less is more’ in all aspects of work and considers himself a life-long student of architecture.