Sherri Privitera

Senior Architect, Senior Principal / Kansas City

Sherri, a Senior Principal and Americas Regional Board member, has nearly 23 years of experience with a primary focus developing collegiate sports facilities. She has impacted more than 50 universities through her involvement in more than 70 projects over the years, which qualifies her as one of the leading architects in sport facility design. Sherri is a trusted advisor to athletic departments and university administrators, impacting the growth of facilities on campuses across the country. Serving as the Principal-in-Charge, Sherri is currently involved with projects at the University of Missouri, University of Texas, UTSA and Purdue University. Prior to those projects, she served as the project manager on four projects at Baylor University including the new $266-million McLane Stadium. Known as a collaborator, she motivates her teams to creatively solve problems, be a team player and have fun along the way. Her hard work, dedication and positive attitude have positioned her as an influential professional with the firm and in the industry. In turn, Sherri has been recognized by several entities including the Sports Business Journal 2015 Business Game Changer: Women in Sports Business and 2016 Sports Business Power Player.