Todd Gralla

Principal, Director of Equestrian Services / Norman

As Director of Equestrian Services for Populous, Todd is involved in master planning and design services for equestrian facilities and fairgrounds. His focus is on both temporary and permanent equestrian sporting venues, racecourses and training venues, horse parks, polo clubs, private and public equestrian centers and private equine ventures.

For nearly two decades, Todd has played a key role in programming, master planning, design, facility evaluations, market research and feasibility studies for more than 200 equestrian projects around the globe. He has contributed to such publications as America’s Horse, Thoroughbred Times, The Quarter Horse Journal, Equus, Dressage Today, Western Horseman, Horse Professional and others.

Additionally, Todd is an internationally recognized expert and invited speaker at events such as the 2008 Kentucky International Equine Summit, the 2009 University of Arizona Racing & Gaming Symposium, and the 2010 Harness Tracks of America and Thoroughbred Racing Association Joint Conference.

In 2014, Todd was elected to the Board of the League of Agriculture and Equine Centers for a 3 year term.