Trevor Ponder

Associate Principal, Architect / Kansas City

Trevor Ponder is a process-driven designer, dedicated to a rigorous analytical and pragmatic approach to problem-solving. His expertise spans typologies, including stadia, venues, convention centers, equine facilities and more. Trevor uses his background in fine arts, art history and architecture to approach projects from a unique multidisciplinary approach. Exploration and experimentation are central to his design process.

Diving into a new project is energizing for Trevor, who appreciates confronting unknowns with intentional listening, constructive criticism and collaborative solutions. His dedication to collaboration is evident in client relationships as well, which are based on trust and open communication. Trevor recently completed extensive work on the Gillette Stadium north end zone renovations. His discerning eye for design consistency and refined understanding of architectural innovation positioned him as an invaluable member of the project team.

Trevor’s dependability and transparency, along with his belief that design should be communal and democratic, position him as an excellent point of contact for all project stakeholders. For Trevor, the more that project work is shared for meaningful critique and discussion, the more successful and effective and unique the final product.