Populous and Kansas City Pioneers unveil “The Arena” NFT collection

April 27, 2022

Global design firm Populous and multidiscipline esports organization Kansas City Pioneers have partnered to introduce The Arena, a five-part NFT collection with world-class digital art that allows the viewer to join a fan community on a journey through a prototypical future esports experience.

The Arena is the first NFT collection created through an esports team and design firm partnership. The collection is designed by Populous and follows a character along the path to a Pioneers-influenced virtual esports arena. This journey provides fans access into a theoretical futuristic “road to the venue,” the arena competition seating bowl and a behind-the-scenes Pioneers elite team training area.

Designed for a global audience, the collection also provides a glimpse into the future of gaming in Kansas City. Authentic Kansas City imagery coupled with the Pioneers’ brand gives fans a connection to the Midwest spirit and fandom around the world.

“Throughout our history at Populous, the mission behind the places we design has always been to bring people together for unforgettable experiences,” said Brian Mirakian, Populous Senior Principal and Esports Director for the Americas. “The Arena NFT collection moves beyond the boundaries of physical space and experiments with the possibilities of how new digital mediums unlock access to powerful shared social experiences capable of building communities in a virtual world. The Arena is just a glimpse into the future innovation to come, and ultimately, another valuable fan platform to connect people to their favorite teams.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to launch our first-ever NFT collection, The Arena,” said Mark Josey, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of the Kansas City Pioneers. “Partnering with Populous, a global design firm who connects people to places in powerful, transformative ways, was instrumental in helping bring that exact vision in esport and gaming to life. As leaders of the next generation of consumers, we know that we must meet our fans and communities where they are today and in the future. This incredible collection will do just that in providing access to authentic, personalized experiences, and build connections to a community here and beyond.”

The Arena tokens will be released on a rolling basis, beginning with the first three tokens released on April 27. The two remaining tokens will be released in the following weeks. The Arena will be available on Opensea for purchase.

Populous, with its Americas headquarters in Kansas City, and the Pioneers formed a partnership over a year ago with a shared commitment to strengthening and sustaining the esports industry, in their home communities and throughout the world. Populous and the Pioneers have since collaborated on initiatives such as hosting the Kansas City Esports Symposium in December 2021, in addition to ongoing information sharing and brainstorming on the future of gaming and fan experience.

  • The Call
  • The Arrival
  • The Arena

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