Populous Launches Podcast Series with Sports Business Journal

December 17, 2020

Earlier this year, Populous, together with Sports Business Journal, launched a 3-part podcast series exploring how brands can adapt to continue drawing people together and creating authentic connections in an ever-changing world.

Listen now:

Ep #1 – The Future of Phygital

Ep #2 – Extending Your Influence, Part 1

Ep #3 – Extending Your Influence, Part 2

In episode one, The Future of Phygital – How Versatile Venues are Blurring the Boundaries of Physical and Digital Experiences, Senior Principals Brian Mirakian and Michael Lockwood discuss phygital environments, the blending of physical and digital experiences, as solutions to help navigate new normals and uncertain landscapes. By exploring innovations in venue design that engage fans inside, outside and digitally, they discuss how we can start to develop a blend of technological and architectural tactics that fuel a solid fan strategy and exponential growth beyond the venue itself.

Keeping with the theme of going beyond the building, episodes two and three are a two-part discussion with Senior Principals Sherri Privitera and Nicholas Reynolds, Principal Byron Chambers, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Associate Athletic Director Matt Davison. In Extending Your Influence Beyond the Bowl, the group shares their insights on how to expand an organization’s reach, brand and message beyond the bowl, venue, campus and city while still cultivating meaningful connections.

Visit SportsBusinessJournal.com/Podcasts to listen to all three episodes.


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