Populous Launches Product Design Studio with the Lutta Collection

June 13, 2017

The new line of tables is available through Martin Brattrud

Populous continues its focus on innovation through the debut of a new product design studio to create solutions based on our exposure to end-user needs at some of the world’s most iconic sports and entertainment venues. The aim is to create a better experience for fans around the globe, and the Populous product design studio launches with the Lutta Collection of communal, dining and occasional tables. Designed by Principal Adam Stover and Felicia Balestrere, Populous interior designers, the piece was designed and created in partnership with Martin Brattrud.

“Populous is a perfect fit for getting into this space because we have a 34-year history of bringing life to visionary ideas,” said Adam Stover, Principal at Populous “The Lutta Collection of tables hopes to solve the challenge of creating an affordable and versatile product for use in a variety of ways and spaces.”

The Lutta Collection aims to create a true 360 degree seating environment, focused around the universal definition of a table. It is focused on producing shared and unique experiences, reflective of the design goals for entertainment venues themselves. The Lutta is a place to gather, connect and share from all angles, using all surfaces to maximize the performance of the table and the individuals using it. It was designed with variety in mind; from end use to order specification, the Lutta Collection offers buyers a versatile platform suited for a wide range of needs.

The steel frame construction and powder coat finish blurs the line between exterior and interior placement, allowing the Lutta to shift seamlessly from one environment to another. Communal tables are sized to become bars, buffets and concierge stands, optimizing their use in a single space and the Lutta was designed to maximize placement flexibility and usage opportunities.

Built for versatility, power & data distribution can be routed to any leg depending on outlet and floor box locations, and the integration of these at the edge allows for a clean design finish. Additionally, the frame is structured in a way which allows stools or chairs to be stored underneath to make for a smaller footprint when the table is not in use.

“The Lutta Collection elevates the personal design touch of the Martin Brattrud catalogue,” Pat Baxter, Principal at Martin Brattrud “Working with Adam and Felicia has been a great experience, and we were receiving orders before the collection was even announced.”

For more on interior design and creating solutions for unique industry needs, contact Adam Stover.


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