How Populous put family first when relocating

October 6, 2017 / Jonathan Mugmon

In theory, the decision to relocate for a career is never an easy one. When that decision impacts your family, as it did with mine, it takes on added weight.

From my first visit to Kansas City, however, Populous made the decision very easy – and it goes beyond the firm’s stellar reputation for designing incredible projects.

I found the people to be open, collaborative and encouraging. Populous’ human resources director took time from her busy schedule to help pinpoint the best schools and neighborhoods for families and young professionals. My new coworkers took me out to dinner, which helped me understand the team, firm culture and local vibe.

All of this happened before I accepted the offer as a senior graphic designer.

While I knew this was the right fit for me, I still wasn’t sure how I would best make the change work for my family. Populous stepped up in this area, too. They helped accommodate my family’s school schedule and provided temporary housing to make the cross-country transition as smooth as possible.

My family has since moved into a lovely home in a charming neighborhood, where most days the doorbell rings with neighborhood children looking to play with my kids. I see firsthand why the KC area is routinely cited as one of the best places to raise a family. From charming neighborhoods to big league entertainment options, it’s all here. That’s to say nothing of the clean air and low cost of living.

We’re looking forward to experiencing the four seasons and all the opportunities Kansas City has to offer. After life on the East Coast, we jokingly say that we’re now “halfway to anywhere.” Our new life in the Heart of America means any family vacation is at our fingertips.

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Jonathan Mugmon

Principal, Senior Graphic Designer / Kansas City


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