Populous Selected for Design of WestWord Equidome/Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center

April 1, 2011

The City of Scottsdale has selected Populous as the Architect of Record for the $30-$33 million redevelopment of the 5,000-seat Equidome/Tony Nelssen Arena at the City’s WestWorld equestrian center. WestWorld is already the largest equestrian event center on the West Coast and this project will solidify WestWorld as one of North America’s most important equestrian sport venues. The facility hosts some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious equestrian events including the Scottsdale Classic, the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show and the Sun Country Circuit Quarter Horse Show. WestWorld is also host to the original and well-known Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction.

The existing open air Equidome will be fully enclosed and conditioned in an effort to expand the equestrian event season through the summer. The equestrian event season currently extends from October through March, with very limited activity during the summer months due to the current lack of conditioned arenas and stalls. Other enhancements within the Equidome will include the addition of party suites, permanent foodservice facilities, new toilets and additional retractable concourse seating.

The project also includes the addition of approximately 151,000 square feet of multi-use exhibit/equestrian space connected to the existing 100,000 square foot Equidome. This new space will feature a dual climate control/natural ventilation system as it will support an extremely wide range of uses throughout the seasons, including equestrian tradeshows, seated events, entertainment, horse stalls and even horse arenas.

As mandated by the City of Scottsdale, this project is targeted meet LEED Gold Certification and will be the first equestrian project of its type to achieve this certification level. Major construction is scheduled to commence in April 2012 with the final phase of construction to be completed by November 2013.

For further information please contact:
Gina Stingley at Populous
Telephone: 816 221 1500
Email media@populous.com


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