Oslofjord Convention Centre

Sandefjord, Norway

The Oslofjord Convention Centre is located on the West side of a valley facing an inlet of the beautiful Oslofjord. Surrounded by rocky hills, pine trees and water, Populous’ concept is to emphasis these natural attributes so that visitors and staff at the centre can take the maximum enjoyment from the environment.

Visitors arrive at the convention centre from the North and West through landscaped routes. Pedestrian terraces rise out of the landscape with planting along their edges. The terraces echo the rocks and indigenous vegetation of the fjord.

The timber clad multi-functional plenary hall is placed in the centre of the building pre-function and circulation lobbies. Meeting rooms, banqueting halls and the auditorium are therefore pushed to the periphery of the ledges looking out onto the valley and surrounding hills

The solid walls of the outside of the building rise from the ground clad in locally-sourced Norwegian granite where the terraces and stairs lead you to the warm interiors surrounded by pinewood. From outside can be seen the sustainably-sourced pineboard soffits of the undersides of the roofs, terraces and floors creating a permeable inviting fluid interior