The London Grand Prix Concept Presented by Santander

London, England, United Kingdom

The London Grand Prix was presented by long-term F1 sponsor Santander as a short CGI film. In order to fashion a credible foundation for the concept, Santander commissioned Populous to undertake an extensive feasibility plan, embracing all logistical considerations from pits and paddock, grandstands, run-off areas, to kerb profiling, access roads for safety & medical access, catch fencing design, noise attenuation strategies, a night race lighting system, bespoke garage pods, and temporary buildings such as a media center.

Populous mapped out some of London’s most recognizable landmarks and integrated them within the layout. The design process was driven by the dual requirements of creating an exciting circuit, while giving the best view of the iconic places associated with it. The garages and hospitality suites are multi-purpose items which can easily be packed up and used elsewhere. It’s a truly ground-breaking idea, and since the vast majority of emissions associated with Formula 1 races are produced by people travelling to the circuit rather than the operation of the racing cars themselves, a real-life London Grand Prix by Santander has been planned as an environmentally sustainable event.