Season 2: Drawing People Together

January 15, 2024

Welcome to the second season of Drawing People Together, the podcast from Populous, where we bring you insights, expertise and ideas from the people at the forefront of global venue and event design.

This season, join Charlie Brooks where he’ll introduce our colleagues from around the globe for deep dive discussions into the big issues and innovations that are shaping the design of large scale venues and events, from elite training facilities and designing for inclusivity to event overlay, interior design, designing for atmosphere and digital innovations. If you missed the first season episodes, check out Season 1 here.

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Episode 4 — Interior Design

Guests: Liam Doyle, Mason Hansen, Sanna Suontaka

Host: Charlie Brooks

Spectator expectations of the interior offerings at sports and entertainment venues have changed drastically in recent years, with nondescript hole-in-the-wall-style concessions and subpar food and beverage options falling woefully short of the standard set by a burgeoning high street bar and restaurant scene.

This episode of Populous’ podcast explores how our teams create interior spaces that reflect a sense of place and history for the venues they are housed within while catering to the wants and needs of the modern sports and entertainment fan.

Episode 3 — Event Overlay

Guests: Shaun GallagherJeff Keas and Soaad Stott

Host: Charlie Brooks

From the Super Bowl to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Populous Events team plays a key role in delivering many of the biggest and most iconic sporting moments. In this episode of our podcast, we explore what it takes behind the scenes to help bring these global showcase moments to the world stage for millions to enjoy.


Episode 2 — Equitable Design

Guests: Sherri Privitera, Silvia Prandelli, Taryn McQueen

Host: Charlie Brooks

At Populous, our fundamental belief is that design should help make sport accessible and inclusive for all.

With the ongoing growth in scale and popularity of women’s sports at both professional and grassroots levels globally, join us for this episode of Populous’ podcast as we explore how our teams inspire inclusion in the design of sports venues, facilities and events.

Episode 1 — Elite Training Facilities

Guests: Brayden Goodwin, Scott Gibson, Charlie Fordham

Host: Charlie Brooks

With global clients requesting more mixed-use spaces in their elite training facilities, we explore how design is pushing the boundaries within the industry. Facilities are now delivering a design-for-all approach and sit at the intersection of elite training, mental and physical wellness, education, data and technology.


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