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The Populous Product Design team combines creative expertise and the advanced resources of a multidisciplinary firm with close manufacturer relationships to create solutions aimed at fulfilling unmet needs in the marketplace.

The spaces we create are only as good as the products at our disposal. We won’t settle for a product that only does half of what is needed, so we design it ourselves instead. Our designers collaborate with manufacturers from the onset of a project, so that fabrication challenges are addressed as part of the design process, rather than as an afterthought. We hold a deep technical understanding of the relationship between materials and space, strategically creating stories that are of the moment in their look and timeless in their style.   

By applying internal knowledge to identify and solve market holes, we stay at the cutting edge of product design in the industry — always working to find the right solution for a client. Products don’t exist in a vacuum, which is why we never design them in one. Utilizing the vast multidisciplinary expertise in our offices, we design products that solve problems at the global intersection of architecture, interior design and brand activation.  

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Our Process

  • Embedding firsthand experience

    Embedding firsthand experience

    Our designers aren’t just creators. They are active users and specifiers of the products they design, which gives us the advantage of firsthand experience. This means we can validate market needs and uncover opportunities for innovation from within. Every product is designed with a deep understanding of its end use, enhancing functionality and user satisfaction.

  • Strong manufacturing partnerships

    Strong manufacturing partnerships

    Our relationship with manufacturers goes beyond the typical client-vendor dynamic; we foster true partnerships. Engaging manufacturers early in the design process allows us to align our creative visions with their production capabilities, working within their strengths and addressing any challenges together. This collaborative approach helps us solve industry problems effectively, making the journey from concept to market seamless and successful.

  • Holistic market integration

    Holistic market integration

    Our design approach is distinguished by an acute awareness of the broader market ecosystem. We initiate projects with a comprehensive analysis of current market trends, gaps, and user feedback, which means our product designs are highly relevant and responsive to market demands. This holistic perspective enables us to anticipate future trends and incorporate them into our designs; Populous products set new industry standards rather than follow existing ones.

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  • Garrett Steinlage Product Manager Kansas City
  • Kuebler Perry Associate Principal, Architect Kansas City
  • Adam Stover Senior Principal, Senior Interior Designer Kansas City

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