Your Sneak Peek of SunTrust Park’s Hospitality Spaces

April 11, 2017 / Mason Paoli

Populous designers immersed themselves in the southeast region during the process of envisioning SunTrust Park’s 38 suites and 5 clubs including the Infiniti Club illustrated above. By touring a diverse range of neighborhoods and districts, we were able to peel back layers of history and uncover a unique approach to hospitality defined by equal parts comfort and cosmopolitan.

One example lies in a unique type of wood we noticed used throughout the southeast: Pecky cypress. We incorporated it in spaces throughout the ballpark, from rustic wood beams to custom wine lockers like those pictured above, and grazed light across its deep grooves for a subtle yet dramatic effect.

Our investigative approach to research allows us to bypass fads in favor of crafting more meaningful design. Understanding a place, its people and its culture centers every decision around a touchpoint that’s relatable to locals and remarkable to visitors. In the Delta SKY 360 Club, for example, we tapped local craftsmen to create custom furniture pieces like solid walnut tabletops with custom-welded steel bases.

We also design with the aim of blurring the boundary between inside and outside. The Terrapin Taproom, featuring one of Georgia’s most beloved craft breweries, sits within the ballpark’s boundaries but is intentionally positioned to connect with the plaza. The taproom also connects vertically to a playful rooftop experience with views of both the field and the plaza.

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