Staff Recognized for Commitment to Excellence

October 31, 2019

Populous values leaders from a diverse range of expertise and following the 2019 Annual General Meeting, held in Kansas City in October, the firm has formally recognized a number of staff for their outstanding commitment to excellence, team culture and leadership.

The team of almost 700 people is spread across 19 offices from Dallas to New Delhi, Melbourne to San Francisco, and London to Milan.

“Our success is fueled by the ingenuity and commitment of our people. Recognizing and rewarding these accomplished colleagues is a top responsibility and great privilege for our Holdings Board.  It’s the talent and achievements of our staff that set us apart,” said Joseph E. Spear, FAIA and Chairman of Populous’ global Holdings Board.

“We are pleased to acknowledge the following team members who work across a range of disciplines including architecture, interior design, graphics and wayfinding, BIM as well as professional support roles in human resources and administration,” Spear said.

Senior Principal

  • Adam Stover, Kansas City
  • Brent Roberts, Kansas City
  • Dale Jennins, London
  • Declan Sharkey, London
  • Francois Clement, London
  • Garry Reeves, London
  • Kurt Amundsen, Kansas City
  • Mark Craine, London


  • Aaron Brown, Kansas City
  • Bob White, Kansas City
  • Carrie Rezac, Kansas City
  • Dan Wood, Dallas
  • Gabe Braselton, Kansas City
  • John Jesik, Kansas City
  • Kevin Koch, Kansas City
  • Robert Norvell, Kansas City
  • Scott Fatheree, Kansas City
  • Shelly Malyarov, Kansas City
  • Todd Spangler, Kansas City

Associate Principal

  • Andrew Tulen, Singapore
  • Austin Welsh, Kansas City
  • Ben Dawson, Singapore
  • Brayden Goodwin, Brisbane
  • Christopher Jenson, Kansas City
  • Heather Stewart, Kansas City
  • Jason Perryman, Kansas City
  • Jeremy Krug, Kansas City
  • Jonathan Mugmon, Kansas City
  • Kelly Holton, Kansas City
  • Liam Doyle, London
  • Mitchell Brown, Kansas City
  • Nathan Tobeck, Sydney
  • Sarah Dempster, Kansas City
  • Siddharth Soni, New Delhi

Senior Associate

  • Alexa Lee, Singapore
  • Alexandra Connors, Kansas City
  • Amber Luther, San Francisco
  • Andrew Dempster, Kansas City
  • Andrew Rieper, London
  • Bryan Klote, Kansas City
  • Christopher Collins, Kansas City
  • Derek Sommers, Kansas City
  • Eddy Tavio, Kansas City
  • Elizabeth Martinez, Denver
  • Emma Castro, Kansas City
  • Hugo Cabrera, Kansas City
  • Jack Kato, Osaka
  • Joshua Robson, Sydney
  • Marcia Espinosa-Gore, Kansas City
  • Oonagh Crotty, London
  • Scott Gibson, Kansas City
  • Scott Rogers, Brisbane
  • Sherry Cunnius, Kansas City
  • Sin-Jae Yoo, London
  • Taryn McQueen, Brisbane
  • Thomas Jones, Kansas City


  • Adrian Feige, London
  • Alex Goldston, Brisbane
  • Angie Nygren, Kansas City
  • Antoniya Stoitsova, London
  • Arturo Fuentes, Denver
  • Ashley Culler, Kansas City
  • Barbara Vasilatou, London
  • Brian Ditchburn, London
  • Brice Pannetier, Brisbane
  • Cameron Carver, Kansas City
  • Caroline Loehner, Kansas City
  • Chris Hardie, Brisbane
  • Christina Kim, Sydney
  • Cindy Yip, Brisbane
  • Dale Bradley, Kansas City
  • Elisa Martin, London
  • Ezz Osman, Kansas City
  • Jenny Bond, Kansas City
  • Jessica Motz, Kansas City
  • Joanna Griffin, London
  • John Barnthouse, New York
  • Jordan Kelly, Kansas City
  • Jorge Betancor, New York
  • Josh Franks, Kansas City
  • Kuebler Perry, Kansas City
  • Kye Killian, Denver
  • Lori Schaaf, Kansas City
  • Matthew Adler, New York
  • Matthew Farr, Hong Kong
  • Nicole Smolenski, Kansas City
  • Nik Van Mol, London
  • Renae Vos, Kansas City
  • Ross Summergreene, Singapore
  • Ryan Sellinghausen, Denver
  • Scott McCracken, Kansas City
  • Sean Anton, Kansas City
  • Sean Powyer, Brisbane
  • Seungho Lim, Sydney
  • Steven Patterson, Kansas City
  • Sue DeBrosses, Brisbane
  • Thiago Nunes, Tokyo
  • Trevor Ponder, Kansas City
  • Wylie Ahern, Brisbane.

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