The Biggest Stage in London 2012 Prepares its Colourful Curtain

August 4, 2011

As the final preparations of the Olympic Games come closer, the London Olympic Stadium will soon unveil the wrap, sponsored by Dow.

Embracing the temporary, the design by Populous adopts fresh sustainability ideas to create a compact, flexible and lightweight building inspired by the stage sets at outdoor events. The design responds to a different type of brief which is in keeping with the International Olympic Committee’s desire to ensure a ‘Green Games’, showcasing a more sustainable approach to hosting the event.

In August 2012 the eyes of the world will be on London and the Olympic Stadium, making it the most viewed building in history. The preparation for these games are an example of how innovative architecture and the practical issues of building delivery are compatible as all venues are further ahead in construction than any past games – reassuring to all spectators and athletes.

Rod Sheard, Senior Principal of Populous and design team leader for the project said, “The team has worked hard to achieve the design and the wrap is one of the last elements to be put into place.  It will provide a clear and memorable identity to the stadium. We are very pleased with the announcement, as the wrap completes the enclosure of the structure and gives form to the lightweight frame that supports the elegant white roof.”


  • 800,000 tonnes of soil was taken away before construction could begin – enough to fill the Royal Albert Hall nine times over
  • 62.7m – the stadium height is half the size of the London Eye and the equivalent to the central span of Tower Bridge
  • 50 km – the seats lined side by side
  • 34 unladen double decker London buses – the weight the roof can support
  • The wrap increases the spectators’ comfort and creates the theatrical black space before entering the drama in the seating bowl
  • 56 different colours of glass balustrades


  • 54 nations will participate in the Games
  • 47 Gold Medals Events in the Olympic Games
  • 166 Gold Medals Events in the Paralympic Games
  • 27 July 2012 Opening Ceremony Olympic Games
  • 12 August 2012 Closing Ceremony Olympic Games
  • 29 August 2012 Opening Ceremony Paralympic Games
  • 9 September 2012 Closing Ceremony Paralympic Games

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