The Tottenham Experience

April 2, 2019

The Tottenham Experience contains the largest retail space of any club in Europe, an interactive museum, the Tottenham Hotspur Archive and a café, as well as being the starting point for stadium tours and other visitor activities.

Situated in the south-west corner of the stadium site, it forms a natural extension of the historic Northern Terrace, bookending the stadium and ‘holding’ the line of the High Road.

  • Populous_Tottenham Stadium_London_©Hufton+Crow
    The Tottenham Experience from the high road, blending new with old
  • Warmington House1
    Warmington House was renovated as part of the Tottenham Experience development

The brief when designing the Tottenham Experience was to present the past, present and future of Tottenham Hotspur FC and to promote a wider appreciation of the local community’s role in shaping the club’s identity over the course of its 136-year history.

To this end, the building materials have been carefully chosen to complement the Grade II listed Warmington House, which has been renovated and incorporated into the design.

After many tests and mock-ups, cast iron was chosen as the primary façade material. The pattern for the panels was CNC cut in large foam pieces to create a positive mould. This positive mould was then used to generate a negative sand mould, into which the liquid cast iron was poured. The metal work has a surface finish that gives it a beautiful dark brown finish which complements the light yellow brickwork of Warmington House.

To further enhance the Tottenham Experience’s year-round offer, the stepped roof terrace above the northern building is publicly accessible from podium level and will be used to stage events, while the area above the museum features an outdoor café that looks out over the newly landscaped Park Lane Square.


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