Tomorrow’s Together: Designing experiences throughout the year

October 7, 2015

We’re delighted to say that Populous’ ‘Tomorrow’s Together’ presentation at the Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2015 conference was a huge success. With a really engaged audience, we were able to present our ideas on the venues of the future, as well as discussing major trends with other industry experts from around the world.

With almost a year’s worth of planning, discussion and formation between our US, UK and Australian offices, it was really gratifying to be able present a whole host of ideas and themes that will affect the ways in which we draw people together.

We’ll be sharing all of these ideas over the coming weeks and months. Thanks to the team at Stadia & Arena, as well as our project partners at PanStadia & Arena Management Magazine.

Here’s one of our draft concepts: the piazzadium

The ‘piazzadium’ concept explores the notion of the permanent temporary venue: The city square is celebrated, and can be rapidly transformed for a series of uses, from interactive landscape to single- or multi-use community sports and events, outdoor cinema to full-scale stadium.

Surrounding buildings can be also appropriated to provide hospitality offers, administrative facilities, players/performers spaces or any back of house space requirement. When an event ends, the space can immediately return to public use. From huge crowds one day, to commuters the next.


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