UQ appoints Populous Senior Principal Paul Henry as Adjunct

February 10, 2016

This article was first published by the University of Queensland.

UQ Architecture is pleased to welcome Paul Henry, an owner and senior principal of Populous, the Brisbane-based global architectural practice. Paul is Populous’s CEO of the Asian region and our newest Adjunct Associate Professor.

An alumnus, Paul describes his continued commitment to the School.

“I was fortunate at the University of Queensland to participate in an exceptional design education with outstanding lecturers. The level of critical design thinking that was instilled in us has served me well over the years. Engaging with The University of Queensland and its students is also about giving back and helping the next generation of architects achieve extraordinary things.”

Paul has enjoyed a highly successful architectural career. Internationally recognised as an expert in the design and master planning of stadia, racecourses and arenas. He explains, “a cornerstone of the work I do with Populous is understanding the social impacts of large crowds of people on civic environments. It is a privilege to be able to work around the world pursuing the architectural outcomes of the impact of sport, major events and entertainment on the texture of cities.”

He brings to the School this experience and his broad international network. Adjunct appointments connect practitioners to the university in more direct ways, giving us access to expertise and connections that specifically benefit our students and researchers.

Paul explains, “an Adjunct Professor role is an opportunity to strengthen the links between professional practice and The University of Queensland. The link is important at both an educational and research level and ultimately is about improving the architectural outcomes of cities and the lives of people within them.”

Furthermore, “My role on the Export council of Australia and work internationally also allows me to illustrate the talents of the UQ Architecture School and is focused on taking Queensland design skills to the world.”

Our adjuncts generously give their time to attend critiques, give lectures, provide advice to the School, and help us to engage with the broader community. We look forward to working closely with Paul.


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