Design Details: Capturing the Spirit of Quebec City at Centre Videotron

September 17, 2015 / Tracy Payne

As a continuation of our Design Details series, Tracy Tapp discusses the new Centre Vidéotron’s premium spaces.

There are details in every stadium – small or large – that capture the spirit of a place. At the new Centre Videotron, which opened this week, the premium spaces tell a story about Quebec City’s culture, climate and love for hockey that is undeniable.

Early in the design process, we established we wanted to capture the sentiment of the cold Canadian climate – the ice and snow – along with the warmth of natural wood to speak to the area’s booming timber industry. We were creative in using affordable and sustainable materials mixed with dramatic lighting to create a modern, upscale atmosphere in the arena’s premium spaces, while also making it perfectly clear to fans that they were in historic Quebec City. Regional & natural materials were central to bringing the story to life.


Here’s a breakdown of those spaces:

  • Bunker Suites – The Bunker Suites were designed to remind the visitor of being in a luxurious and exclusive ski chalet. The walls and ceiling are covered in a natural walnut to give them a warm feeling and the flooring is a deep black slate. Low ambient lighting is used to create an intimate atmosphere and ski lodge feel, with fireplaces that run on bioethanol, an eco-friendly fuel, making the space cozy for visitors.
  • Main Concourse Club – This club has just over 700 seats and the design was inspired by the color and texture of ice. The focal point of the space is a custom 3D back-lit acrylic wall sculpture that is representative of a glacier. The space has a sense of mystery and privacy, using lighting, transparency and a custom 10 foot glass wall to create zoned experiences.
  • Loge Club – The Loge Club volume was inspired by snow drifts, which is revealed in the sculptural ceiling treatment that envelopes the space. A large multimedia experience covers the back wall with multiple screens fordynamic event viewing.
  • Party Suite – The party suite, which is one of a kind, was inspired by ice. It features a back-lit acrylic panel and uses shades of blue light to create dimensionality. The bar top is back-lit acrylic with an etched pattern emulating hockey ice. We went to great lengths to find and in some cases, create, custom materials to tell the story.
  • Suites – We designed the suites to be modern, clean and simple expressions of the winter in Quebec. They include warm, durable wood flooring, lounge seating and white gloss cabinetry with quartz countertops. Each suite is also staffed with an attendant/bartender to complete the luxury experience.

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