Geoffrey Ax Featured in Airport World Magazine

January 12, 2021

Geoffrey Ax, Principal and leader of Populous’ Americas Aviation Market, knows one thing is clear amidst the continuing pandemic: people want to travel again. However, just because people want to travel again does not mean they are. In recent months, Populous commissioned a proprietary Qualtrics survey that collected data on American passengers’ perceptions and worries, serving as the basis for three touchpoint design solutions that Ax shares with Airport World Magazine.

Populous’ touchpoint design solutions aim to minimize the actual risk posed by flying as well as the perceived risk of being exposed to others with COVID-19. These safety initiatives serve as the catalyst for improving the passenger journey now that renovations and alternative airport processes are a matter of health, not just comfort.

“If a pandemic doesn’t give you the opportunity to change, what will?” says Ax.

With these changes in place, the traditional American airport can evolve to better serve travelers of today and beyond. Read the full story here.

To learn more about how Populous is improving the passenger experience, visit our website or contact Geoffrey Ax.


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