Craig Kaufman

Senior Principal, Director of Operations / Kansas City

Craig Kaufman brings over three decades of experience leading large project teams and coordinating the complex and intricate details of sports venue design. As a forward thinker, Craig manages projects that incorporate the latest trends and keep the client’s needs at the forefront while delivering successful venues on budget.

Craig played a vital role as project manager on the renovations of Texas A&M Kyle Field, incorporating the university’s unique history into the design and the delivery of the project on schedule so the team did not miss a single game.

His work can be characterized by the pursuit of designing spaces that leave a lasting mark and help make the world a better place. In the last few years alone, he has managed over $1 billion in construction, including recent work on the University of Texas South End Zone Expansion and Football Facility and the University of Nebraska’s Go Big athletic facilities.

Craig enjoys the challenge of conquering a difficult project. He is equally as passionate about sharing his experience and insights, as demonstrated through his years of dynamic leadership and mentoring others in his role as chairperson of an internal committee that strives to provide learning opportunities and meaningful curriculum at Populous.