Francisco Besa

Principal, Senior Graphic Designer / Kansas City

Francisco showcases his passion for design and strategic storytelling through the creation of brand identities, environmental brand activations and wayfinding solutions. His career in experiential graphic design began in 2007 in Chile, where he took cultural institution and retail event projects from idea to application.

He is obsessed with graphic design and art, and enjoys creating unique pieces that capture a brand’s spirit. Francisco develops captivating visuals for all his projects, breathing new life into existing brands through thoughtful designs that create an emotional resonance with audiences.

Francisco recently led the design of branded environments for G4 Studios and Offices in Los Angeles, capturing the iconic gaming channel’s trademark irreverence and fusing its diverse influences to create a cohesive work, play and broadcast environment. He has also designed branded environments for GEODIS Park, Esports Stadium Arlington, Allianz Field, Texas A&M collegiate facilities, Localhost Philly, and events such as Super Bowl Live and NBA 2K Live League.

A native of Chile, Francisco speaks fluent Spanish.