Allianz Field

The home of Major League Soccer’s Minnesota United, Allianz Field boasts the latest in amenities and technology while also being sustainably-designed to minimize environmental impact and energy usage.

The stadium’s elegant “flow” design concept features LED lighting throughout the facility. The 360-degree canopy over the bowl protects fans and players from the elements, reduces light and noise from spilling into the neighborhood, and creates an intimate and intimidating home pitch atmosphere. The building is designed to be a soccer-first facility while also hosting events year-round.

Allianz Field also responds to its environment in ways that might go unnoticed, but not unappreciated, by the layperson. With a steady stream of cars zooming by on I-94, the stadium’s southern profile rises up to greet them. To the north resides the historic Midway neighborhood, so the stadium scales down to a more approachable and human scale.




Allianz Field is extraordinary: beautiful and unique, environmentally-sensitive, intimate and fan-oriented, and true to the sport of soccer.

Dr. Bill McGuire

MNUFC Lead Owner

Sticking with the neighborly theme, one of Allianz Field’s most welcoming and expansive spaces is a 28,000-square-foot Great Lawn situated to the north. The green space invites the public in year-round with lush Kentucky Bluegrass and a variety of native trees picked to maximize shade and produce brilliant fall foliage. Altogether, the site’s landscape and urban design have turned a once-contaminated and vacant plot into the charming first act of a bigger production. The match day atmosphere has already been hailed by the likes of ESPN, who called it the best MLS stadium experience in a 2019 feature.

Disciplines Used at Allianz Field

  • Architecture


    One of Major League Soccer’s newest members, Minnesota United was an ideal candidate to embrace the role of innovator with its stadium. It’s started with the bigger picture, which inevitably informed the stadium’s exterior. A dynamic skin made of bespoke laminated PTFE mesh captures the kinetic energy of the thousands of lakes that dot Minnesota’s terrain. At night, 1,700 hand-tuned LED lights evoke the Northern Lights that grace the state’s skies.

  • Brand Activation

    Brand Activation

    Whether it was for the club or its corporate partners, the Allianz Field experience was carefully branded with the fans in mind. We took note of every stage in their match day journey, creating one cohesive aesthetic the delivers value for both them and partners. The league has taken notice as well, honoring Minnesota United with both Corporate Partnerships Executive (Katie Mattis) and Team of the Year for 2019.

  • Interior Design

    Interior Design

    Staying true to Minnesota’s welcoming culture, Allianz Field caters to all ticketholders with a variety of warm and inviting hospitality spaces. Ranging from light to dark tones, each one offers a distinct atmosphere while embracing the same communal creed. There’s the fan-favorite Brew Hall, where fans sip on pints while sitting family-style at solid oak tables. High ceilings and garage doors give the space a cozy yet expansive feel. Nestled below the seating bowl and concourse, the Field Club brings fans up close and personal to players as they travel between the field and locker room. The club’s signature design feature is a custom ceiling that mimics the stadium’s iconic exterior skin. Lying beneath are custom rugs with patterns inspired by topographic maps of Minnesota lakes.

  • Landscape Architecture

    Landscape Architecture

    Every home deserves a great lawn. Allianz Field is no exception, boasting a 28,000-square-foot green space with lush Kentucky Bluegrass and a variety of native trees. Each species of tree was picked to maximize shade and produce brilliant fall foliage. Underneath is a reservoir that stores rainwater collected from the stadium’s canopy. An estimated 2 million gallons of water is filtered and re-used each year to irrigate the beautiful urban park above. Elsewhere, rainwater that falls on paved areas funnels into underground tree trenches, nourishing plants while naturally filtering out contaminants before it flows back into public pipes.

  • Urban Design

    Urban Design

    Halfway between the downtowns of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Allianz Field’s central location is more than symbolic of the Twin Cities shared history. It’s strategically located along multiple major transit routes to maximize access and growing urban mobility trends. There’s the A Line bus rapid transit route, then there’s the Metro Green Line. The latter opened in 2014 as the metro area’s second light rail line. The city of Saint Paul projects more than 1 in 3 match attendees will use mass transit. For those looking to live or work closer, plans are in the works to develop the stadium’s surrounding property for a mix of uses.

Facts & Figures

  • Canopy


  • Exterior LED lights


  • Furthest seat from pitch

    125 ft

  • 2020

    • Best New Travel Attractions | USA Today
    • Venue of the Year Finalist | Stadium Business Summit
  • 2019

    • Best MLS Stadium Experience | ESPN
    • Architecture XLarge: Citation | AIA Kansas City
10 items.
  • Bruce Miller Senior Principal, Managing Director – Americas Kansas City
  • Mitchell Brown Associate Principal, Architect Kansas City
  • Mike Donovan Principal, Senior Architect Kansas City
  • Phil Kolbo Principal, Senior Architect Kansas City
  • Hugo Cabrera Associate Principal, Senior Architect Kansas City
  • Wesley Crosby Senior Principal, Interior Design Director | Americas Kansas City
  • Justin Cox Associate Principal, Senior Landscape Architect Kansas City
  • Amy Stortz Miller Principal, Senior Interior Designer Kansas City
  • Justin Bae Senior Associate, Architect Kansas City
  • Sarah Miller Associate, Interior Designer Kansas City

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