Jason Essel

Associate Principal, Senior Architect / Portland

Jason Essel possesses a careful attention to detail and commitment to collaboration that makes him an asset to any project team. His design dexterity works in tandem with his easy-going ability to relate to clients, consultants and co-workers alike. Jason is an inquisitive listener, taking care to put a client’s vision at the forefront of his work and ask questions regularly throughout the design process.

Passionate about sustainable design, he takes the time to find the right solution for a problem, not just the easiest one. He has extensive experience with exterior envelope systems and tailoring them to achieve energy or resiliency sustainability goals. As a project lead, he maintains a dynamic attitude throughout the design process, able to pivot and adjust where necessary.

Jason’s design experience is far-reaching and includes arena, field, stadium, health center, convention center and aviation projects. He is energized by the complex, moving parts that make up our project designs and strives to create spaces that reflect the city they represent, ultimately contextualizing the emotion of each into his final work.