Josh Vogel

Principal, Senior Architect / Dallas

As a Project Architect who willingly spends most of his time on site, Josh Vogel’s design approach is one of problem solving: how to take the designer’s vision and craft it into something buildable, useable and sustainable.

Josh holds extensive experience designing a wide span of typologies, including campus buildings, airports, arenas, stadiums, offices and retail spaces. He provides construction contract administration services, including overseeing logistics on site during the construction process.

When working CCA, Josh’s greatest responsibility is being a consistent, solutions-oriented collaborator with the contractor, owner and design team. Josh is an active problem solver, working together with all parties to ensure that the challenges of construction are met head-on and resolved in a way that provides a finished product aligning with the design intent and the owner’s vision.

As a project architect, Josh coordinates all facets of the work with the design team, developing the design vision into a buildable, functioning piece of architecture. Josh takes the hands-on knowledge gained from years on site and uses it to build a better set of Construction Documents, and to teach younger staff how to do the same.

Josh was involved with the redevelopment of Kyle Field at Texas A&M, the single largest collegiate stadium redevelopment project in history. With a wide breadth of construction knowledge, Josh assures that even the smallest details are considered when establishing a design plan. He is fueled by his work to make our built environment better — more functional, efficient and timeless. Each new project is a unique challenge, meaning that the job never gets old. For Josh, his favorite project of all will always be the one he’s working on right now.