Kristin Long

Associate Principal, Senior Architect / Kansas City

Kristin Long is a detail-oriented problem solver with a knack for communicating complex technical issues clearly and efficiently. Her design process begins with extensive research into building materials, which she can then reference throughout the duration of a project. Kristin is meticulous about identifying materials and systems that meet a project’s design criteria while also meeting performance, sustainability and budget goals.

As an expert in façade detailing, Kristin is invested in representing a client’s needs accurately and effectively. For Kristin, it is critical that exterior assemblies support energy performance goals. She is diligent about documentation to ensure an optimal outcome for the client and clear path to success for the project team.

Kristin is a collaborator and a mentor, always ready to offer guidance, advice or a listening ear to team members. Her ability to synthesize complicated terminology poses her as a reliable point of contact on any project. Kristin’s expertise covers a range of typologies, including arenas, stadia, athletic training facilities, music venues and more.