Buffalo Bills New NFL Stadium

A new stadium dedicated to football, honoring the Buffalo Bills’ loyal fan base, harnessing its energy, and providing one of the most intimidating home field environments in the league to create a uniquely Buffalo game day experience.

Working with the Buffalo Bills and Legends, Populous is spearheading the creation of a state-of-the-art stadium dedicated to football. The vision for the stadium is clear: to live and breathe Buffalo. We have created a visual identity that has reverence for the past as it propels the Bills into the future. This new venue is set to become a landmark in Buffalo, embodying the spirit, tradition and aspirations of the franchise.

The stadium will create a new place to foster the iconic culture of the Bills' fan base, while creating an exciting vision for the future of the franchise and the community.

Scott Radecic

Senior Principal

The new design brings together several powerful elements that invoke a sense of fortitude and strength. At the heart of the northeast entrance stands “The Family Circle,” an inviting plaza highlighted by a majestic sculpture of a family of American Bison, symbolizing unity and belonging for fans and community members and providing them with a place to gather.

The exterior design of the building is dominated by a series of repeated vertical fins. This colonnade encircles the perimeter of the building and spans from the ground to the base of the canopy. Attributes of strength and resilience are embodied in these repeated vertical elements and the monumental scale of the material application. A perforated metal panel screen spans flush against and between the upper portion of the colonnade fins. The primary objective of the screen is to protect fans from the elements while maintaining an open-air football experience that allows the weather to be one of the team’s strongest allies.

Iron-spot brick forms a solid band at the base of the stadium that grounds the building in its place and context. Large cut and angled openings at the north endzone and four corners follow the primary curvature of the design and act as entry points to the stadium. Sharp corners are rounded to provide a subtle softness, while a single primary curve undulates across the façade and drives the form of various elements, introducing a more contemporary look to the design.

A 360-degree canopy covers the stadium seating. A unifying element, the canopy follows the form of the bowl and exterior facade, dipping down towards the end-zones and rising towards the center. Beneath the canopy, the focus on creating an intimate fan connection with the game shines through.

Stacked seating across all levels brings fans closer to the action, charging an electrifying game day atmosphere while protecting fans from Buffalo’s challenging weather. The seating arrangement, particularly above the north end zone, positions fans as close as 12 feet vertically from the field, amplifying the home-field advantage through an intimidating wall of support.

This groundbreaking stadium reflects a harmonious blend of Buffalo’s architectural heritage with modern innovations, setting a new benchmark in NFL stadium design. It will become a new gathering place for the entire community of Buffalo.

Our wealth of knowledge around designing football stadiums that leverage the weather to create a home team advantage allows us to create an open-air stadium in a cold climate — a truly authentic home for the Bills. This experience-based approach will result in a stadium with an emphasis on game day that is grounded in Buffalo Bills football.

Our approach to the design takes its cues from the historic architecture in Buffalo and merges their projection of strength with modern materials and a building form that is set to create an intimate and intimidating football-first environment.

Jonathan Mallie

Senior Principal

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  • Scott Radecic Senior Principal, Founder Kansas City
  • Jonathan Mallie Senior Principal New York
  • Kelly Kerns Senior Principal, Senior Architect Kansas City
  • Todd Spangler Principal, Senior Architect Kansas City
  • Bruce Beahm Principal, Senior Architect Kansas City
  • Jac Griffiths Senior Associate, Architecture Designer I New York
  • Sara Pizarro Subtil Senior Associate, Senior Architect Kansas City
  • Chris Jensen Associate Principal, Senior Architect Kansas City
  • Sam Avery Senior Associate, Architect Kansas City
  • Tom Withers Associate Principal, Senior Architect Kansas City
  • Timothy Struemph Associate, Architect Kansas City
  • Robert Clement Associate Principal, Senior Architect Kansas City
  • George Fantauzza Senior Architect Kansas City
  • Cameron Nayman Architect Kansas City
  • Fabricio Serrano Rodriguez Architecture Designer II New York
  • Amy Stortz Miller Principal, Senior Interior Designer Kansas City
  • Wesley Crosby Senior Principal, Interior Design Director | Americas Kansas City
  • Sybil Allegri Associate, Senior Interior Designer Kansas City
  • Sydney Obermeier Interior Designer I Kansas City
  • Kobi Bradley Senior Principal, Senior Landscape Architect Kansas City
  • Dale Bradley Senior Associate, Landscape Architect Kansas City
  • Justin Cox Associate Principal, Senior Landscape Architect Kansas City
  • Kyleen Miller Senior Associate, Legal Assistant Kansas City
  • Shaina Burris Administrative Assistant Kansas City

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