Stacey Fithian

Principal, Senior Architect / Kansas City

Stacey Fithian’s passion lies in the complexity of creating buildings that have a deep effect on how people connect with one another. She thrives at the intersection of art and function — a unique combination required to create sleek, award-winning spaces.

Stacey has worked in sports architecture for over 20 years and is always energized by an engaging challenge. Her portfolio speaks for itself, with a diverse array of projects ranging from world-class music venues to record-breaking football stadiums. The variety of projects Stacey has been a part of ensures that she is effective and knowledgeable on any project she works on.

Team dynamics are incredibly important to Stacey. As a leader, she contributes directly to the projects she works on while also focusing on mentoring colleagues. She works from concept through construction, providing consistency and commitment to the design and implementation of the project.