Baylor University McLane Stadium

Waco, United States
After spending over 60 years playing football off-campus, Baylor University knew it was time to bring the Baylor Bears home, and that Populous would be the right team to help them do it.

The new facility would physically represent the future of Baylor University, while integrating sympathetically with existing campus architecture.

The stadium occupies a prominent position. Next to Interstate 35, over 43 million people pass the site each year. This presented a golden opportunity for our designers to introduce the Baylor brand to an enormous audience.




Our planning team started by creating a lagoon around the stadium. The idea was to promote ‘sailgating,’ which has become a tradition at each game, attracting a flotilla of Bears fans, who take to the water to enjoy the festivities. An outdoor amphitheater and walking path invite visitors to enjoy the setting year-round. This new landscape has woven together the campus and downtown Waco, creating an important economic engine for both entities. 

Inside the stadium, a variety of premium options create comfort for discerning fans while a beautiful canopy protects them from the bright Texas sun. The Baylor Line has a rightful home in creating a menacing home field advantage.

Baylor's McLane Stadium is a work of art in every way.

Richard Justice

Sports on Earth

Since the opening of McLane Stadium in 2014, downtown Waco has been revitalized, with a boom in development along the Brazos Riverfront, while college applications and donations have increased. The stadium has reconnected a region, a city and a campus around the traditions, culture and passion of Baylor’s football program. 

Facts and Figures

  • Site Acreage


  • Canopy Square Footage


  • Capacity


  • Boat Slips


  • Number of Bear Walk Bricks


  • Combined Length of Bridges in Feet


10 items.
  • Earl Santee Senior Principal, CEO, Founder Kansas City
  • Sherri Privitera Senior Principal, Senior Architect Kansas City
  • Jeff Spear Principal, Senior Architect Kansas City
  • Stacey Fithian Principal, Senior Architect Kansas City
  • Tristan Anderson Principal, Senior Architect Kansas City
  • Kobi Bradley Senior Principal, Senior Landscape Architect Kansas City
  • Ben Thowe Senior Associate, Architect Denver
  • Sean Mongey Associate Principal, Senior Architect Kansas City
  • Justin Cox Associate Principal, Senior Landscape Architect Kansas City
  • Brooke Craig Associate Principal, Architect Kansas City

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