Tyler Robertson

Associate Principal, Senior Architect / Kansas City

Tyler Robertson is passionate about sports architecture, having served various roles on project types ranging from professional football stadiums and master planning to professional ballparks, arenas and collegiate facilities. Tyler has engaged in every phase of the design process, from conceptualization through completion. He is skilled at incorporating new key amenities and features into the venues he creates and passionate about seeking diverse perspectives to inform his design.

He works closely with colleagues and consultants to collaborate on unique, meaningful designs that meet client goals and needs. For Tyler, the design process begins by listening to and understanding a client’s needs, ensuring that the team can design with clarity and purpose. By encouraging a strong and honest dialogue between the design team and client, Tyler helps foster an environment that allows creative success to be realized.

Tyler is committed to finding creative and effective solutions to any problem. His persistent curiosity helps propel his project teams to expand their creative potential and seek new opportunities for clients.