One of the finest cricket grounds in the world

Kia Oval

  • London, UK
  • 2005

CHALLENGE. Populous have been working with Surrey County Cricket Club for over a decade, with the aim of ensuring that the Kia Oval remains one of the finest cricket grounds in the world. Our master plan began with improvements to the existing pavilion, then progressed to the OCS stand, which has redeveloped half the ground and raised the capacity from 19,000 to 23,000. Throughout, we’ve consulted not only with the Duchy of Cornwall (the owners of the land) and the local authority, but engaged nearby residents through major public exhibitions.

INNOVATION. OCS stands for ‘One Complete Solution’ – and that’s just what the stand provides. Under the singular sweep of its lightweight polycarbonate and steel roof, a flexible arrangement of seating and hospitality suites anticipates the Club’s future needs by forecasting the possibility of attracting major conferences and extended business use outside match days. On a practical level, demountable seating allows different configurations depending on the sight-board locations.

IMPACT. The new OCS Stand has given the world of cricket a new landmark. Its sweeping form and external “living wall” (whose vines and creepers filter the stand’s activities for the nearby residents) have created a spectacular new image for the Club and, most importantly, set it up to continue as a premier ground for the long term future. Paul Sheldon, Chief Executive of Surrey County Cricket Club, observed: “The OCS Stand has transformed the Kia Oval and reinforced its position as one of the preeminent cricket grounds in the world.”