Winter Olympic Sports Park, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Zhangjiakou, China

Populous won an international design competition for the master plan of the Winter Olympic Sports Park, in the Zhangjiakou Zone of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Zhangjiakou is a city in the Hebei province of Northern China and joins Beijing and Yanqing as one of the three competition zones hosting the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

This project will cover a total of 400 hectares and is being designed to cause as little disruption as possible to the area during construction while limiting waste and the environmental impact.

The Sports Park will be a landmark that will place Zhangjiakou on the world stage during the 2022 Winter Olympic competition. Not only will it be something beautiful and functional for the event, the Winter Olympic Sports Park will also become an anchor for future development of the region.

Our design strategy is to create a permanent ski jump and visitors area surrounded by a series of platforms that will serve as the temporary facilities needed to host the Games and the foundation for future developments in Zhangjiakou, including a new alpine resort village.