Showcasing the next generation of sustainable stadia

Grand Stade de l’Olympique Lyonnais

  • Lyon
  • 2013

CHALLENGE. The new facility for the Olympique Lyonnais consists of a new 60,000 seat football stadium, with an adaptable concert capacity, catering facilities, concessions, suites, corporate lounges and a new state of the art training center, for which the aim is to create a virtually carbon neutral building. The adjacent podium contains a 2 level car park and 3,000m2 of club office facilities. The Club’s bold aim is to create financial stability by funding this development itself, so as to gain maximum benefit from the revenue generated.

INNOVATION. The stadium is a marriage of nature and technology. A large array of photo-voltaic panels will be integrated seamlessly into the roof cladding to generate electricity, reduce carbon emissions and create an energy-positive building. In the training center, natural ventilation and rain recycling technology (used to water the pitch) further reduce the environmental impact of the building. The Olympique Lyonnais represents a significant step forward in sustainable stadia.

IMPACT. A large roof partially covers the green boulevard leading to the stadium, the adjacent podium and the seating tiers, unifying the approach to the stadium and the event itself for the spectator. It acts like the foliage of a tree and, at night, its illuminated form advertises the stadium to the sky, creating a fitting icon for the city of Lyon. As well as being an architectural symbol, the stadium will provide the financial independence and security that the club set out to create.