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At its simplest, wayfinding is about making it easy for someone to find their way. Doing that successfully in a venue that holds 100,000 people is anything but simple. Doing it across a festival site that consists of multiple venues can be even more complex.

At Populous, we have redefined wayfinding as an integral part of the event experience, moving beyond conventional signage and using a variety of media to create intuitive, engaging navigational journeys. Our approach embeds wayfinding within the architectural narrative, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic of spaces. By focusing on human behavior and instincts, we design wayfinding systems that guide fans effortlessly, making complex venues feel welcoming and accessible. 

Our innovative approach to navigation has resulted in award-winning projects like Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, where wayfinding was seamlessly incorporated into the design from the very start of the creative process. Through the use of digital displays, the signage adapts to the ebb and flow of the crowds, guiding fans to areas of lower congestion. 

 Our strategies improve spatial navigation and enrich the overall visitor experience, creating a distinct identity for each venue and their branding partners. Our commitment to holistic, innovative design solutions has set the standard in how architecture can facilitate movement and interaction within spaces.

How We Do It

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    Understanding human behavior

    At the heart of our wayfinding design process is a profound understanding of human behavior within spaces. The design team begins each project with in-depth studies of how people interact with their environments, observing and speaking to users to gain insights into their navigational habits and preferences.

    This human-centered approach ensures the wayfinding systems we create are intuitive, reflecting how people naturally receive and process information. By analyzing user journeys and decision-making points, we’re able to curate a seamless and engaging experience.

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    Integrating multiple disciplines

    From the outset, we include wayfinding considerations within the architectural, event and interior design process. This collaboration across disciplines ensures that navigation is not an afterthought but a fundamental aspect of the design, contributing to a coherent and unified user experience.

    The Wayfinding team’s unique ability to work closely with our wider design teams from start to finish guarantees that wayfinding strategies are at the heart of the event, enhancing movement and connecting with people in a meaningful way.

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    Elevating experiential branding

    Working in tandem with our Brand Activation teams, we’re able to use our comprehensive understanding of people and places to make sponsors a part of the event experience in a way that leaves a lasting emotional impact.

    More than just putting a logo on the side of a building, it’s about leveraging a venue’s architecture to create unique and meaningful branded touch points throughout a user’s journey. Our focus on innovation extends to the implementation of digital applications for event-responsive wayfinding that boost partnership visibility and the promotion of future events.

More projects

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  • Palm Desert, United States 2022 Acrisure Arena
  • Springfield Central, Australia 2022 Brisbane Lions Brighton Homes Arena
  • Seattle, United States 2021 Climate Pledge Arena
  • Louisville, United States 2024 Churchill Downs
  • Manchester, United Kingdom 2024 Co-op Live
  • Sydney, Australia 2019 CommBank Stadium
  • London, United Kingdom 2006 Emirates Stadium
  • Brisbane, Queensland 2019 The Gabba
  • Lyon, France 2016 Groupama Stadium and Training Centre
  • Kowloon, Hong Kong 2024 Kai Tak Sports Park
  • London, United Kingdom 2016 London Olympic Stadium Transformation
  • London, United Kingdom 2007 The O2 Arena
  • Oklahoma City, United States 2020 Oklahoma City Convention Center
  • Las Vegas, United States 2023 Sphere
  • Atlanta, United States 2017 Truist Park
  • London, United Kingdom 2007 Wembley Stadium
  • Coffs Harbour, Australia 2022 Wiigulga Sports Complex

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