Level Up Your Esports Experience

The world of esports is evolving right before our eyes. Once operating in the margins of mainstream media, it adds high-profile events, evangelists and investors by the day. What it lacks is more world-class spaces for gamers to physically gather on a grand scale. Current facilities can be retrofitted, new developments can create an esports space from the ground up. Keep scrolling to see our concepts and built work on both fronts.

With industry revenue expected to eclipse $1 billion in 2019, the demand and capital for purpose-built spaces exists. The only question left is who will be the next one to raise the bar for the live esports experience?

On the flip side, existing venues can still tap into this market. If you’re the owner or operator of a multi-purpose facility and are considering taking the plunge, ask yourself:

  1. What’s my current seating inventory look like?
  2. Does my facility currently support high-density Wi-Fi?
  3. How will I capitalize on an influx of first-time visitors?

Now consider several strategies for making your esports venue a revenue-generating reality: