Level Up Your Esports Experience

The world of esports is evolving right before our eyes. Once operating in the margins of mainstream media, it adds high-profile events, evangelists and investors by the day. What it lacks is more world-class spaces for gamers to physically gather on a grand scale. Current facilities can be retrofitted, new developments can create an esports space from the ground up. Keep scrolling to see our concepts and built work on both fronts, but first, see the industry’s economic forecast below according to Business Insider.

  • 646MM
    projected 2023 viewership
  • $1.5B
    projected 2023 revenue
  • 837%
    YOY investment growth rate
Esports Stadium Arlington
G4 Studios and Offices
PWR Facility
NBA 2K League Broadcast Arena
Butler University Esports Park
Fortress Melbourne
Localhost in Philly
Toronto Performance Venue + Hotel

With industry revenue expected to eclipse $1.5 billion by 2023, demand for purpose-built spaces is skyrocketing. The only question left is who will be next to raise the bar for live esports experiences. Whether a new build, retrofit or mixed-use component, the venues that tap into these three trends will lead the charge.