The eSports Venue of the Future

The world of eSports is evolving right before our eyes. Once operating in the margins of mainstream media, it adds high-profile events, evangelists and investors by the day. The market is what every traditional sports league dreams of: young, global and diverse.

But it still lacks a world-class space for gamers to physically gather on a grand scale. The demand is there, so the only remaining question is who will supply the authentic eSports venue that draws people together?

Current arenas can adapt. New developments can create an eSports-specific experience. Follow along as we explore the future of the live eSports experience through the lens of competitors, fans and broadcast.

eSports by the Numbers

esports viewers statistic

*Populous / Nielsen Sports Survey

esports olympics statistic

*Speculations from Wall Street Research as of July 2015

esports revenue statistic

*Newzoo, 2016 Global eSports Market Report

Designing a Better Experience

The Gaming Village

A 360-degree development that radiates energy beyond the walls of the venue itself can transform a city block into an international destination. Integrated elements like a high-performance training facility, game developer labs — even a drone racing course — fill the space with life 365 days a year.

Immersive Entrances

Sensory portals set the tone for the event and welcome fans in a powerful way. Once inside, the seating bowl encircles a stage for holographic content that brings the on-screen gameplay to life.

Premium Seating

Reactive seating connects spectator with competitor. Feel your favorite player’s heart pounding, tune into team chatter and appreciate their elite reaction times like never before.


Before the first eSports-specific arena breaks ground, current venues can increase their chances of hosting premiere competitions by rethinking their seating bowls. Using the technology of today, we’ve imagined new arena ceilings that physically transform to provide intimate settings for a variety of attendance demands.

3 Questions to Ask

before leveling up your eSports offering.


What’s my current seating inventory range look like?



Does my facility currently support high-density Wi-Fi?



How do I capitalize on an influx of first-time visitors?