Jonathan Mugmon

Principal, Senior Graphic Designer / Kansas City

Jonathan Mugmon specializes in the planning and design of wayfinding systems that communicate direct and effective information. He combines this depth of knowledge with his editorial and design aptitude to keep the end user at the forefront of the design process, delivering projects that are contextually compatible and incorporate unique brand identity and history.

His experience includes studying, analyzing and developing user-centered plans for circulation and movement through complex environments. He frequently utilizes persona data and ethnographic research to gain a deeper understanding of places and people. He collaborates effectively to implement an empathetic strategy that balances the needs of the end user with the needs of the facility.

Jonathan has a deep understanding of the challenges of high-profile projects and he is accustomed to working alongside clients, designers, architects, engineers and project managers. He has worked on projects worldwide, most recently designing wayfinding and user experience design for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, TQL Stadium and Super Bowl LVI. Jonathan also helped design Climate Pledge Arena’s immersive LED wayfinding experience and living wall.