The Next Evolution in NFL Training

ADPRO Sports Training Center

  • Buffalo
  • 2016

In renovating the Buffalo Bills’ ADPRO Sports Training Center, we expanded and enhanced the player entry experience with a two-story glass atrium, creating a more welcoming front door. Also included in the renovation were updates to the team locker room, weight room, cafeteria and equipment room. The locker room nearly tripled in size, increasing the wet area and grooming areas while also featuring custom-sculpted lockers with integrated LED lighting and ventilated lower base cabinets for shoe and pad storage. A new audio system and in-house web-based coach messaging system were also integrated within the locker room and cafeteria.

Throughout the facility, we created custom graphics to enhance the brand and athletic experience. Our designers doubled the size of the existing weight room, adding new training staff offices and conference rooms, while also integrating a Gatorade Bar. The cafeteria was expanded and a more efficient layout was introduced to enhance serving and queuing. New serving and cooking equipment were implemented as well as digital messaging for menus and dietary instructions and education. Other upgrades in the equipment room included a high density storage area, more washer and dryer units, a larger manager’s office and a dedicated fitting room for player uniform fittings.